Members of Council

Members of Council are the University's charity trustees.

There are twenty six positions on Council, plus provision for up to three co-opted members.

Nine are ex-officio members: the Vice-Chancellor, who is the chair of Council; the Chair of the Conference of Colleges; the two Proctors and the Assessor; and the four Heads of Division. Five are external members, nominated by Council and approved by Congregation. Twelve members of Congregation are elected to Council: one by the Conference of Colleges; four by Congregation from the faculties in the Divisions of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and of Medical Sciences; four by Congregation from the faculties in the Divisions of Humanities and of Social Sciences; and three by Congregation, not necessarily being members of any division and not in any case being nominated in a divisional capacity.

In addition up to three members of Congregation may be co-opted to Council. One of the Pro-Vice-Chancellors with portfolios may be appointed by Council as one of its Deputy Chairs, in which case, if they are not otherwise a member of Council, they fill one of these co-opted places for as long as they are Deputy Chair.

Further information on each member and their contact details are available by clicking on the member's name.

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