Nomination forms

There are two nomination forms:

Before completing this form, all candidates are asked to note the general eligibility requirements which apply to all committee members, as set out in Council Regulations 14 of 2002. Current members seeking re-election are also asked to check with the committee secretary as to their eligibility with respect to any specific restrictions on consecutive service.

Please note: elections by Congregation are now being conducted electronically. Hard copies of nomination forms will not be processed. 

Please download the appropriate form, complete all parts (including nominators’ details), save it as a word document or pdf, and send it as an email attachment to  Please ensure that the nominators listed in section D are also copied into the email when the nomination form is submitted, as this will act as verification of the nomination in lieu of supplying original signatures (i.e. it will demonstrate that the nominators are aware of the submission and will enable them to contact the Elections Office directly, should any corrections be required). 

Each candidate for election is invited to submit a written statement, of no more than 250 words, setting out his or her reasons for standing and qualifications for the office being sought. In the event of a contested election, these statements will be made available to voters and published both on-line and in the Gazette. The Registrar shall be responsible for ensuring that the length of such statements does not exceed the stipulated 250 words, and in the event that they do, or of any other questions arising about the content of such statements, shall refer to the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors for a determination of how to proceed. To meet publication deadlines, statements must be submitted to the Elections Office as email attachments before the relevant closing date of nominations.

Further guidance is available from the Elections Officer (email:

Contact the Elections Officer

For further information, please email the Elections Office.

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