Heidi Plus

Oxford University subscribes to Heidi Plus, an online data visualisation and analytics tool, operated by Jisc, containing data about UK higher education. It contains a large quantity of institution-level data, which is accessed via Tableau Server and can be presented in a variety of visualisations.

Viewing Heidi Plus data

Access to Heidi Plus is available through three different types of user levels: Gold, Silver or Bronze. These user levels control a user’s right to access specific projects available in Heidi Plus.

Gold users can access all data in the system; silver users are unable to access personal data (staff, student and leavers); bronze users can only access pre-populated Dashboards.

Under the terms of the University’s agreement with HESA, we are not permitted to give users unnecessary access to data in Heidi Plus, therefore you must have a business requirement for requesting a particular role.

To understand more about what you are able to do and access within Heidi Plus as part of a particular user role, please click on the link below:

Heidi Plus - Roles Explained (104kb)

Requesting access

Bronze accounts are available to all members of the University who need them. Silver and Gold accounts are only available to those with a legitimate need to access the underlying data on a regular basis (i.e. staff members who would be unable to perform a necessary task without it).

If you do not need to work with HESA data on a day to day basis but need it occasionally (for example, for a specific piece of benchmarking), PACS will generate reports for you.

If you have a regular business requirement to have access to Heidi Plus data, to request an account please fill in the application form Heidi Plus Application Form (63kb) and return it to heidi@admin.ox.ac.uk.

The legitimacy of requests will be decided by the University’s Lead Contact for Heidi Plus and Gold users will be required to undergo data protection training with Jisc (available as a free e-learning course at https://www.jisc.ac.uk/training/heidi-plus-e-learning).

Queries about Heidi

Any queries about using Heidi Plus can be sent to heidi@admin.ox.ac.uk.

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