Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

The purpose of the Ashmolean Museum is:

(1) to assemble, preserve, and exhibit such objects of art and antiquity and such printed and other documents as may increase knowledge of history, archaeology, and art;

(2) to assist in relevant teaching and research within the University; and

(3) in general to promote the study and appreciation of such objects and documents by scholars and the public.

Membership of the Board of Visitors as at MT23 shall be as follows



   Office or Appointing Body   



   Professor Irene Tracey   

   The Vice-Chancellor   

   ex officio   


   Mr Richard Ovenden, Bodleian Librarian and Professorial Fellow   

   The Head of Gardens, Libraries and Museums   

   ex officio   


   Dr Kathryn Murphy (Senior Proctor)   

   one of the Proctors or the Assessor as may be agreed between them   

   ex officio   


   Professor Dan Grimley, Merton   

   the Head of the Humanities Division   

   ex officio   


   Professor John-Paul Ghobrial   

   one person appointed by the Humanities Board   



   Professor Christopher Ramsey   

   The Head of the School of Archaeology   

   ex officio   


   Professor Geoffrey Batchen   

   The Professor of the History of Art   

   ex officio   


   Professor Richard Bulbulia (Medical Sciences)   

   three members of Congregation elected by Congregation one from each of the Social Sciences Division, the Medical Sciences Division and the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division   



   Professor Chris Gosden (Social Sciences)   

   As above   



   Dr Christopher Hollings (MPLS)   

   As above   



   Lord James Lupton (Chair)   

   To provide specialist skills not covered by existing appointments seven external persons appointed by Council, after consultation with the chair and vice-chair of the Visitors   



   Mr Christopher North   

   As above   



   Dame Una O’Brien   

   As above   



   Mr Christian Levett   

   As above   



   Sir Paul Nurse   

   As above   



   Ms Jayanti Kar   

   As above   



   Dr Nneka Abulokwe   

   As above   


   Co-opted (Ensuring that the number of external Visitors is not greater than the number of internal Visitors, the Visitors may co-opt up to four additional members, who need not be members of Congregation and may be internal or external)   


   Mrs Molly Borthwick   




Lord Feldman




Dame Helen Ghosh, Master of Balliol




Kate Mavor CBE, Master of St Cross



Secretary:  Dr Alexander Sturgis, Director of the Ashmolean Museum


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