Council Regulations 44 of 2002

Made by Council on 24 July 2002

Amended on 7 June 2007, 18 February 2010 and 6 May 2010 (date of effect 1 August 2010)

Part 1: The Bodleian Libraries

1.1. The purpose of the Bodleian Libraries shall be to provide the most effective university library service possible in response to current and future users' needs, and to maintain and develop access to Oxford's collections as a national and international research resource.

1.2 The Bodleian Libraries shall comprise the organisational units allocated to it by Council as determined by the Planning and Resource Allocation Section, a list of which shall be published by the Curators, and shall include the University Archives.

Part 2: Bodley's Librarian

2.1. The Bodley's Librarian shall be the first officer of the Oxford University Library Services.

2.2. The Bodley's Librarian shall act for the Curators of the University Libraries and shall be responsible to them in the exercise of their powers.

2.3. The Bodley's Librarian shall be appointed by an electoral board which shall be chaired by the Vice-Chancellor or his or her nominee, and the other members of which shall be appointed by the Curators of the University Libraries.

2.4. The electors in making their choice shall have regard to the direction given by Sir Thomas Bodley, that Bodley's Librarian should be 'one that is noted and known for a diligent student, and in all his conversation to be trusty, active, and discreet: a graduate also, and a linguist'.

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