Celtic Studies: Lectures endowed by C J. O’Donnell

1. From and after the decease of the wife of Mr Charles J. O’Donnell and until the expiry of his lease of No. 37 New Bond Street in the County of London (a period of about fifty years), his trustees shall out of the rental of the said premises pay to each of the following universities in turn, namely, the National University of Ireland, the Universities of Oxford, Wales, and Edinburgh, and Trinity College, Dublin, by annual rotation in the above order the sum of £500 (so that in every year one university will receive a sum of £500).

2. Only such of the said universities as for the time being maintain a Professor of or Reader or Lecturer in Celtic History and Literature shall be entitled to receive any payment under the will.

3. Each of the said universities shall apply the sum paid to it in establishing annual lectures to be called the O’Donnell Lectures.

4. Each of the said universities shall undertake as a condition of receiving any benefit under the will to procure the delivery during each of the five years immediately succeeding the receipt of such benefit of at least one lecture connected with one or other of the following subjects, namely, in the English and Scottish universities (a) the British or Celtic elements in the English language and the dialects of English counties and the special terms and words used in agriculture and handicrafts, (b) the British or Celtic elements in the existing population of England; provided that if all of the said universities are not qualified to receive or do not accept the sums payable to them under the terms of the will, then such of the said universities as do receive the said sums shall together undertake to procure the delivery as aforesaid of a total of not less than five lectures per annum on one or other of the subjects aforesaid.

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