Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for advising Council on the University’s financial business, in particular capital investment policy. The Committee recommends the annual financial statements of the University and the Press to Council, and approves the University’s banking and treasury arrangements.

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Membership as at MT 2022 will be as follows

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Professor Louise Richardson The Vice-Chancellor ex officio
[2] Mr Charles Harman (member of Council until HT 2024) Four external persons appointed by Council, of whom at least two shall be members of Council MT 2023
[3] Mr Andrew Hudson As above HT 2023
[4] Mr Tony Poulter As above MT 2025
[5] Ms Sue Staunton As above MT 2024
[6] Professor Cécile Fabre, All Souls Two persons appointed by Council from among the members of Council elected by Congregation MT 2024
[7] Professor Richard Hobbs, Harris Manchester As above MT 2024
[8] Dame Helen Ghosh, Master of Balliol A Head of House appointed by the Conference of Colleges MT 2025

Co-opted (Subject to the approval of Council on each occasion, the committee may co-opt up to two additional members)

Secretary: Planning and Council Secretariat (Ms Elizabeth Botwright)


Officers in attendance:

  • Senior Proctor 


Michaelmas Term 2022


Tuesday 27 September -Short meeting if needed

Wednesday 19 October

Monday 15 November


Hilary Term 2023


Wednesday 18 January

Wednesday 22 February

Trinity Term 2023


Wednesday 26 April

Wednesday 7 June

Wednesday 5 July -

Short meeting if needed


Standing Orders


For the regulations of the Finance Committee, please click here:


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Elizabeth Botwright

Senior Planning Officer

Planning and Council Secretariat