Curators of the University Libraries

The Curators of the University Libraries (CUL) are responsible to the University for, among other things, ensuring that provision is made for the University's library and information requirements for teaching and research and for ensuring that the University's major research libraries, including the Bodleian, Bodleian Art, Archaeology and Ancient World, and Taylorian Libraries, are maintained as a national and international scholarly resource.

The Curators are responsible for the major research and faculty libraries. Departmental and college libraries are answerable to their own institutions, although the Curators have a general duty to advise the University on all matters relating to the provision of library services. Bodley's Librarian is responsible for the administration of those libraries which are within the remit of the Curators.

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Membership as at MT 2023 will be as follows

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Professor Patrick Grant, St Catherine's The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), who shall be chair ex officio
[2] The Junior Proctor (Professor Conall Mac Niocaill, Exeter) One of the Proctors or the Assessor as may be agreed between them ex officio
[3] Professor Cécile Fabre, All Souls 

Four persons appointed by Council, of whom one shall be a member both of Council

and of its Planning and Resource Allocation Committee, and of whom two shall be external persons

MT 2025
[4] Professor Ian Gadd, Bath Spa University As above MT 2027
[5] Dr Jessica Gardner, University of Cambridge As above MT 2026
[6] Professor Philip N. Howard, Oxford Internet Institute As above MT 2026
[7] Professor Jonathan Thacker, Exeter One member of the Humanities Divisional Board, appointed by the Board MT 2026
[8] Professor Stephen Faulkner, Keble One member of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisional Board, appointed by the Board MT 2027
[9] Professor Rebeccah Slater, St John's One member of the Medical Sciences Divisional Board, appointed by the Board HT 2026
[10] Dr Nicholas Owen, Queen's One member of the Social Sciences Divisional Board, appointed by the Board MT 2027
[11] Professor Matthew Weait, Harris Manchester One person appointed by the Continuing Education Strategic Management Board MT 2026
[12] Mr Richard Ovenden OBE The Head of Gardens, Libraries and Museums ex officio
[13] Professor Emma J Smith, Hertford One of four members of Congregation elected by Congregation MT 2025
[14] Dr Georgy Kantor, St John’s  As above MT 2027
[15] Ms Elizabeth McCarthy, Public Affairs Directorate As above MT 2024
[16] Dr Helen Gittos, Balliol and Brasenose As above MT 2027
[17] Ms Joanna Snelling, Corpus Christi  One person elected by the Conference of Colleges MT 2026

Ms Jennifer Lynam, VP Undergraduate Access and Education

Two sabbatical trustees of Oxford University Student Union MT 2024
[19] Ms Mia Clement, VP Charities and Community As above MT 2024
  Professor William Whyte, St John's Co-opted MT 2026
  Vacancy Co-opted  

Secretary:  Bodley's Librarian and Head of GLAM (Mr Richard Ovenden OBE, Balliol)
Assisted by: Ms Aristea Gkontra, Senior Administrative Officer (Governance), Planning and Council Secretariat



Meetings are held on the Mondays of second and ninth week of Michaelmas Term and of eighth week in Hilary and Trinity Terms. The suspended second week meetings in Hilary and Trinity Terms might be scheduled again, should they be required.


Date Time . Deadline for submission of papers
Monday 16 October 2023 2.00pm   Monday 2 October 2023
Tuesday 28 November 2023 2.00 pm   Monday 20 November 2023
Tuesday 12 March 2024 10.15am   Tuesday 27 February 2024
Monday 10 June 2024 2.00 pm   Monday 27 May 2024


This page contains minutes from meetings held in the last 2 years.

Should you require minutes from earlier meetings please contact

Meetings 2023-24  
16 October 2023 Minutes
28 November 2023

Strategy meeting 

Regular meeting 

12 March 2024  
10 June 2024  
Meetings 2022-23  
17 October 2022 Minutes
29 November 2022 Minutes
06 March 2023 Minutes
13 June 2023 Minutes


A revised system for Divisional communication with the Bodleian Libraries regarding libraries provision and strategy, Committees for Library Provision and Strategy (CLiPS), was agreed by Council (29 April 2013). In Trinity Term 2014 Curators of University Libraries reviewed the operation of the CLiPS (see CUL[13/14]70 and related minutes of the meeting of Curators, 16 June 2014).

  • Humanities CLiPS 
  • Medical Sciences CLiPS 
  • Social Sciences CLiPS
  • Continuing Education CLiPs


For the regulations of the Curators of the University Libraries please click here:



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Aristea Gkontra

Senior Administrative Officer (Governance)

Planning and Council Secretariat