Safety, Health and Environment Management Subcommittee membership

  Name Conditions of appointment Until
[1] Professor Peter Bruce, Dept of Materials A member of Congregation appointed by the Vice-Chancellor as chair of the committee Completion of Review
[2] Professor Freya Johnston, St Anne's One of the Proctors and the Assessor as may be agreed between them ex officio
[3] Professor Anne Trefethen, St Cross The Pro-Vice-Chancellor with responsibility for Academic Services and University Collections ex officio
 [4] Professor Patrick Grant The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)  ex officio
 [5] Ms Lynne Hirsch, Divisional Administration Nominee of the Head of the Humanities Division ex officio
 [6] Professor Mark Brouard, Jesus Nominee of the head of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division or his or her nominee ex officio
 [7] Ms Carolyn McKee, Green Templeton Nominee of the Head of the Medical Sciences Division ex officio
 [8] Dr Elizabeth Ewart, St Peter's Nominee of the Head of the Social Sciences Division ex officio
 [9] Dr David Prout, Queen's One of two persons appointed by Council, taking into account the overall balance of the committee's membership MT 2023
 [10] Professor Tim Coulson, Jesus As above MT 2023
[11] Ms Helen King, Principal of St Anne's The Chair of the Security Subcommittee  ex officio
Co-opted (The subcommittee may co-opt up to four additional members, who shall hold office for such period as the committee may determine)
  Dr Andrew Watt, St Cross Co-opted member MT 2020
  Mr Bart Ashton, Lady Margaret Hall Co-opted member  TT 2021
Secretary: Planning and Council Sectretariat (Mrs Rebecca Thomas)